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University of Jaffna, Kelani Cables extend Kelani Shakthi, CSR

MoU signing tomorrow in Kilinochchi

The Management of Kelani Cables and the authorities of the University of Jaffna amicably decided to give another three year extension to the Kelani Shakthi, CSR Program from this year to 2020.

Director, CEO of the Kelani Cables PLc. Mahinda Saranapala told Daily News Business that accordingly a fresh MoU will be signed tomorrow ( November 16) at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Jaffna in Kilinochchi.Vice Chancellor Prof R Vigneswaran and Director ,CEO Mahinda Saranapala will sign the MoU.

The event coincide with the inauguration of the 2017/18 batch and the passing out ceremony of the 2016/17 batch in Kilinochchi. In order to facilitate the smooth running of the 2017/18 program Saranapala will hand over the Rs 1.1 million cheque to the Vice Chancellor on behalf of the Kelani Cables plc during.

“The Kelani Shakthi joint CSR program is been recognized as the first ever skill development program continued since 2014 to 2020 as a private public partnership program in this nature for the brotherhood of the North," said Saranapala and adding that Kelani Shakthi is the Tamil version of the very popular “Kelani Saviya” skill development joint CSR program conducted at the University of Peradeniya since 2007 and has to be continued till 2022. Dean Faculty of Engineering Dr. A.Atputharajah , Course Coordinator and the Senior Lecturer of the Electrical and the Electronic Engineering Dept. UoJ , Dr. T.Thiruvaran and the Lecturer A.Anopratheepan were conducting the Kelani Shakthi program since 2014.

Brand Development Manager Channe Jayasinghe will be providing all the logistic supports for both the programs on behalf of the company. 


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