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Fuel shortage deliberate set up to embarrass Govt - JSS

Jathika Sewaka Sangamaya(JSS) yesterday at a media briefing held at the JSS head office, Pitakotte, urged for a CID investigation on the recent fuel shortage, pointing out that the issue was deliberately set up to embarrass the government. They requested President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to instruct Inspector General of Police to conduct a CID investigation on the issue.

Ceylon Petroleum Cooperation JSS Secretary Ananda Palitha briefing the media alleged that there is a Deputy General Manager of the CPC among others who sabotaged the fuel distribution hence creating an island-wide petrol shortage. Palitha also alleged that these high ranking officers are operating for political agendas or personal endeavors.

He also said that creating a panic among the general public and the mismanagement in the fuel distribution process are the main reasons behind the recent fuel crisis.

JSS Secretary Palitha also requested to allow the officers of the CPC and trade union members to give evidence before the Cabinet subcommittee which was appointed to look into the issue.

JSS is also to submit a letter to the President and the Prime Minister to appoint a committee of experts to look into the issues relating to the fuel purchasing and distribution of the country. JSS Secretary Ananda Palitha explained that several suspicious decisions made by the higher officers created the fuel shortage.

“At the time when the first shipment was rejected, the responsible officers must have taken every step to make sure the ship which was to reach Sri Lanka on November 3 came on time. These officers were perfectly aware that there is a storage facility of 50,000 MT available. They could have ordered another shipment when the first shipment was rejected.

These officers did not inform the responsible Minister on the emergency decisions that could have been taken at the wake of a issue like this. The available stocks closing to 23,000 MT were not properly distributed either,” Palitha said.

“On October 29 there was a disturbance to the machine refining petrol, which also is a suspicious incident.

Then on November 2, a certain high ranking officer took a decision to limit the fuel distribution despite the three day vacation falling after this date. In order to create a panic among the public there was an SMS sent around the country stating that there would be a Trade Union action,” Palitha said.

He also said there were plans to delay the fuel distribution of the Neverska Lady vessel by taking a decision to bring the ship to Kolonnawa instead to Muthurajawela refinery.

He also pointed out that the machine that checks the Octane level mysteriously stopped working on the same day the Neverska Lady reached Muthurajawela refinery.

Palitha also said it has been reported that certain groups are still trying to cause disturbances to the fuel distribution. 


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