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CITIZENS' Mail - (14-11-2017)

Green light for new Constitution

Bishop of the Methodist Church should be congratulated for his reminder to the people of this country, specially the politicians and the Buddhist organisations and monks who agitate and propose demonstrations to protest against the proposed new Constitution, when he says as reported in your issue of November 9. “The Methodist Church appreciates all political parties that have remained involved in the process of an exercise of drafting a new Constitution without giving into attempts made by certain politicians and religious personnel to bring to a halt a mandate that the people of this country gave at the elections held in 2015”.

He also states, both, Mahinda Rajapaksa and Maithripala Sirisena in their election manifesto had pledged the people of a new Constitution.

This fact very unfortunately, a few Buddhist monks who claim to be the saviours of Buddhism and the country have forgotten intentionally, to create an anti-government movement. Do we want the 13th Amendment forced on us by Rajiv Gandhi to remain, which brought a division of the country?

Power hungry politicians and few self-made leader Buddhist monks for their personal gains which they had enjoyed under the previous regime, have come to the fray, neglecting their own responsibility to safeguarding, fostering and propagating Buddhism. I refrain from naming them for it will tarnish the image of the famous temples and Bo-tree which we Buddhists venerate, whoever the custodians are.

G. A. D. Sirimal


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