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Not welcomed in Hollywood

Though Irrfan Khan, who will soon be seen in 'Qarib Qarib Singlle', has become Bollywood's most celebrated import to the West over the years, there was a time when, by his own admission, he "wasn't really welcomed as far as Hollywood is concerned".

He recalls, "Most of the times, I got the vibe ki wahaan toh kar liya hai, yahaan kar ke dikha. It was only the audience that felt proud and exuberant."However, the actor's desire and perseverance kept him in good stead. "I was willing to sacrifice anything for good work, even if it meant exploring opportunities in another industry and not just Hollywood.

I was looking for engaging work and I sacrificed a lot at that time.

Even today, I lose out on so much work here when I assign my dates to a Hollywood project. But I would do it over and over as no amount of money or fame can match that experience," he says, adding, "When Ang Lee demands certain things from you, aapki phatt jaati hai. You have to dig within to find resources in order to play the character.

The experience recharges my batteries and gives me a new outlook because I deal with a story in a different way. You are in alignment with the director and such challenges are mandatory for an actor."

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