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[CITIZENS' Mail - (13-11-2017)]

Let politicians be professionals

A democratic state and a just society need to manage its politics and politicians as professional managers to ensure growth, stability and continuous peaceful coexistence within the global family.

Politics is not a game to be played by politicians like any other sport or competition. It is a serious management profession demanding knowledge, skill, experience, wisdom and competence in order to perform and manage the affairs of a state and its society, so as to ensure the peaceful coexistence of its members, the citizens, not only the members of a particular political party or a community.

The political performance should be within the law of the land and state, which is common to all citizens, to those who govern and to those who are governed equally, without any fear or favour, to uphold democracy, and democratic practices of justice, liberty and freedom without unnecessary agitation or social violence.

Detailed professional political performances and conduct should be considered as a forming part of the primary law of the state, and enshrined in the Constitution. There should be a methodology of continuous development of future politicians in order to ensure filling to gaps, to ensure the smooth transition to serve the state and society as necessary. In order to avoid breakdowns and systems failures, which can create destabilisation of the state and society. Professionally qualified politicians could be permitted to take up duties in the state service on facing competitive examination along with state officers, if they wish to do so, provided they undertake to fit into the roles of the state service.

Sri Lanka with a 2500-year-old civilisation should ensure behaviour as a civilized state and a nation, with inherent ethical practices, rather than trying to copy and imitate other systems and procedures, without considering the need, pros and cons, and analysing consequences.

Developing professional political managers is the collective responsibility of state and society through discussion.

C Srinath Fernando



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