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Young woman murdered

The body of a 22 year old female has been found, mysteriously murdered inside her home.

The victim Vimushika Dilhani, is a resident of Ambalangoda Madampagama-Idamthota. She has a one year old daughter.

The deceased’s husband is a fisherman and had set out to sea from the Galle harbour, on a multiday trawler on November 1.

As her husband was out at sea, the victim had gone to her mother’s place and stayed there for a couple of days. She had returned on November 7 at around 6.00pm. She had called her mother at that time.

The mother had not heard from her daughter and received no calls on November 8 or 9. On suspicion she had paid her daughter a visit on November 9 evening.

She had found the door of her daughter’s house closed and when she opened it, she found her grandchild on the bed, next to her daughter’s slain body. Ambalangoda Police are conducting further investigations.


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