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Kidney patients denied dialysis treatment

It is learnt that 300 persons are suffering from Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKDu) in the Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura districts, being denied of vital dialysis treatment.

Dialysis treatment machines and relevant medical care are provided only in a few hospitals in the province.

There are around 19,000 kidney patients, including CKDu patients registered for medical treatment in the hospitals. Although there are nearly 300 CKDu patients who need to be provided dialysis treatment three times per month, they are denied the facilities under the present conditions.

“Machines are available but trained staff, including doctors and nurses, is not sufficient to run the dialysis units. We need at least 50 trained nurses and 20 doctors to attend to patients,” PHSD (NCP) Dr. Palitha Bandara said.

Higher authorities in the Health Ministry had been apprised of the requirements, Dr. Bandara said. During the recent official visit by the President in Kahatagasdigiliya, the President and the Cabinet ministers were presented with a document on the shortcomings, he added.


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