Dengue eradication stepped up in Addalaichenai | Daily News

Dengue eradication stepped up in Addalaichenai

Addalaichenai MOH Dr. A. L. Alawdeen said a dengue control programme will take place in the Addalaichenai MOH limit areas from today. A special meeting was held at the Addalaichenai MOH office recently to discuss the activities relevant to the current rise in dengue.

Programmes are to be carried out to eradicate dengue in all Grama Niladhari Divisions.

Awareness programmes on dengue prevention are to be conducted. Additional teams of volunteers would be trained to identify and eliminate breeding sites.

Health Department officials warned of an increase in the number of dengue patients following the rains experienced these days. Sources said a number of dengue patients were identified in the coastal areas in the province.

The public should take steps to make sure that their premises do not harbor dengue mosquito breeding places, the MOH said. Residents who have mosquito breeding locations were identified and were warned to clean their premises. Garbage kept for a long time is another cause of the spread of dengue, officials said.

Residents were warned that legal action will be taken against offenders.

Persons with fever for over two days should seek immediate medical treatment from a qualified doctor or a state hospital, the MOH added.


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