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Tourism promotion drive in South

The government has taken measures to develop the tourism industry in the South.

An extensive tourism promotion drive was launched in the Southern Province under the project.

According to project officials, Madunagala Hot Springs in Sooriyawewa will be developed.

The proposed development activities include the construction of well- equipped circuit bungalows with restaurant facilities, bathing places, sales centres for ayurvedic drugs, homes depicting the rural environment in the South and spacious sports compounds for children.

Work on many of these have already completed, officials said. In addition, the construction of children’s parks with water and sanitation facilities is also included in these promotional activities. Plans are afoot to construct more circuit bungalows for the convenience of local and foreign tourists.

Cultivation projects such as banana, mangoes, oranges and pears are also successfully in progress there.

The construction of the Hambantota International Harbour and the Mattala International Airport has contributed to boost the tourist industry in the Southern region, project officials said.

The Southern Provincial Council is funding the programme.


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