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What the UNP is doing to help with the cost of living:

Strengthening our economy

As a government the economy is central to everything we do and it is only with the UNP that Sri Lanka’s economy will be made stronger to improve the lives of ordinary Sri Lankans. As a country we have truly come a long way from the dark days of Mahinda Rajapaksa, who governed only for himself, his family and cronies. The economy was in a mess and Sri Lankans lived in fear for their safety.

Our government is working to fix the mistakes of the past and building a stronger economy for a better future for all Sri Lankans. So far we have created more than 400,000 jobs and helped over 200,000 families secure a home. This investment in these houses is only possible because of the measures our government has taken to build a strong economy. Some of those decisions have been hard and tough measures have been put in place. But let me assure you, decisions are always taken in the best interests of Sri Lanka and its people. We are working to fix the mistakes of the past and building a stronger economy for a better future for all Sri Lankans.

The UNP is committed to ensuring that ordinary families, vulnerable people and poor communities in our society receive the necessary support. We have doubled Samurdhi payments to low income families so that they have more money in their pockets than under the previous regime, which only cared about its own pockets. These families are also benefitting from the actions the UNP has taken to reduce the cost of goods like fuel and medicine. For the first time, pregnant women and the elderly are receiving real support. As we continue to strengthen our economy, we will continue to increase support to people who were neglected and forgotten under the previous regime.

Price of goods reduction

Here are some of the practical steps we have taken to improve people receive support. The UNP led government continues to provide Rs 20,000 to pregnant women. We are giving 430,000 senior citizens special interest rates so that Sri Lankans of all ages can live a comfortable, dignified life. The UNP put an end to the pension shortcomings faced by hundreds of thousands of farmers and we have doubled the minimum and maximum Samurdhi allowance. Our government provided relief for 36,011 people who pawned jewellery to deal with the cost of living.

The government is lowering the cost of living for ordinary families by reducing the price of goods. We know the importance of everyday costs to your family and we are lowering the cost of vital items for your family. In government, the UNP led government has reduced prices of fuel by up to 22%, we have reduced the price of 48 essential medical drugs by up to 85%, and halved the price of heart stents. Under our government has the price of kekulu red rice is down by Rs 5.76 per kg, the price of sugar is down by Rs 1.02 per kg, the price of milk powder is down by Rs 54.13 per pack and the price of wheat ower is down by Rs 8.14 per kg.

Foreign investment

We know there is still more to do so that everyone can walk the streets safely, our children can get a good education, and basic food is affordable. We will not rest on our laurels and will continue our mission to transform Sri Lanka and deliver better lives for all our people. That is why the forthcoming budget is so important. The economy is central to everything we do. Without a strong economy, we cannot afford to pay for schools or hospitals or jobs or wages. A strong economy and good infrastructure will bring foreign investment and increase wages for all Sri Lankans.

Only this government has the knowledge and ability to fix our economy. And only this government is trusted by the international community to deliver a fair and just economy where foreign companies will invest. Only by sticking to our plan to strengthen our economy can we keep Sri Lanka on the path to a better future. 


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