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Three artistes withdraw salaries from Army illegally

It has been revealed that three popular artistes had withdrawn salaries and other allowances fraudulently from the Sri Lanka Army.

It was also revealed that they had received salaries from Sri Lanka Army till January 2015,under the second public service brigade of the Army Volunteer force. These recruitments have been done in an illegal manner violating army rules and regulations on the instructions given by MP Namal Rajapaksa during the former Regime .

According to an investigation done by Sri Lanka Army about the incident, the Director of the Army Pay Code Brigadier Sanath Perera, had admitted that these three artistes had taken all allowances and a monthly salary from the Sri Lanka Army illegally. The facts related to this was further certified by an Army Major in the same Department.

It was further revealed that the film actor had taken salaries under the pay code number 2/O -02045 as a sergeant in the Army, and the singer had taken salaries under the pay code number -2/0- 02044 as a sergeant in the Army and another singer too had taken salaries from the Army for the past several years by fraud.

Army Media Spokesman Major General Roshan Seneviratne said they have begun an investigation into this incident. 


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They are real artists but the most unfortunate of all is the new crook politician who does not know the art of stealing and just groomed to be an MP (Made Puppet) A greedy thief always leaves behind the traces of stealings


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