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Mardi–Gras at SLIIT

Mardi-Gras will be held on November 10 at William Angliss Institute Colombo at SLIIT, Malabe from 4 pm. This event will highlight the true atmosphere of the Brazilian “Carnival” and the New Orleans Mardi-Gras. This themed street festival that embodies the essence of good fun is organized by the students of Batch 09 of the William Angliss Institute Sri Lanka.

The aim of the event is to develop their knowledge in skills and give a wonderful experience to all of the visitors. The students will create an ambience of a majestic street festival where all visitors can create indelible memories in a rich atmosphere as they try to create a night of extravagant fun. To have the real spirit of the event, they will be having various activities on the day. It is also for the students to remember their experience and to make this a memory of theirs for time to come.

This event will follow the Brazilian Originated theme adopted by New Orleans –Mardi-Gras. The segments that have been planned will embody the tagline “CELEBRATING THE LOVE OF GOOD FUN.” They will make this event an unforgettable experience as their guests leave satisfied with the efforts made to spread good fun. Mardi-Gras is in partnership with Agora Night Market which will feature a variety of stalls ranging from food, shopping and games.

The highlight of the event could possibly be performances by The Slipping Chairs, Unscripted, DJ Shevin and Julius Mitchell. Entertainment items include a magic show, best dressed competition and more. 


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