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Eminent Japanese professor Keiichi Tao lectures at LNBTI

Professor Keiichi Tao delivering his speech at the event.
Professor Keiichi Tao delivering his speech at the event.

Professor Keiichi Tao, visiting professor of Ritsumeikan University recently delivered a series of lectures at the Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI).

Professor Tao has been engaged in annual visits to the university and conducts lectures on business related topics that are useful for ICT professionals to understand business environment. He is also the director of Odawara Engineering Co., Ltd, and an auditor of SCALA, METATECHNO, and APC, all internationally recognised engineering companies.

During his five-day lecture series, Professor Tao focused on topics such as Economics, Finance and Business processes , and introduced macroeconomic parameters such as GDP growth, Interest and Currency rates, Inflation and their dynamics related to Sri Lanka and Japan. Students also got the opportunity to learn on how a company works with regards to equity, stakeholders, organizational structure, business processes and social responsibilities.

The lecture series concluded with a case study, which required students to critically evaluate a poorly functioning company and give recommendations for improvement, operationally and financially.

The LNBTI is a higher education provider started by the prestigious and trusted Metatechno Inc., Japan and hSenid Software International where respected and qualified lecturers from both Japan and Sri Lanka teach at the institute. Apart from its superior curriculum, one of the unique advantages of studying at the LNBTI is the opportunities for students to live and work in Japan because of the strong ties with Japan. In addition, Metatechno and hSenid International provide internship opportunities for students of LNBTI during their final year of study.

Metatechno Inc. Japan specializes in developing Embedded Software for Electronics and Computing devices manufacturers around the world. hSenid Software International is an application and service provider for the telecom, financial, and enterprise markets.

In addition to learning from the best lecturers and studying Japanese under native Japanese speakers, students benefit from graduate transfer programs and 50% scholarship schemes offered by LNBTI, the latter being awarded under its LNBTI Japanese Scholarship Scheme for Information Technology and Software Engineering. 


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