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North Korea, the country of the hour?

I personally do not believe in destruction (Avi Gattho Aviyen Nasi) as every human being belonging to any race or religion has the right to live in peace and harmony. In the past few months, North Korea has been in the limelight threatening South Korea, Japan and the USA whereas President Donald Trump is being agitated and forced to play his trump card as the entire world is patiently and silently watching in great anxiety as to what calm before the storm means.

We all know the professionalism in Western Diplomacy which is five-star to the hilt, with full-suit attire, served with the finest blend of spirits, with a five-course meal and will put you on top of a Murunga Tree and even nominate you for a Grammy award and finally backstab with a silencer like 008.

They talk about human rights and war crimes. Were they totally deaf and blind when our nation was devastated by a civil war for 27 years? Their culture is borrowed, their food is borrowed (Pizza) whereas the Liberty Statue is a gift and the language is slang when the four letter word is commonly used and the only nation which mentions ‘in God’ we trust in their currency.

The blanket bombing by the B52 bombers in Vietnam is not supposed to be a war crime, whereas approximately around 300,000 illegitimate children fathered by the American soldiers are presumed to be human as they were labeled as a new race called Amerasians. What would have been the consequence if it had been done by us?

The most dreaded and deadliest terrorist group went on a rampage and massacred innocent civilians and exploded bombs in warded places during broad daylight.

The attitude of the United Nations was mum because we all know as an open secret as to who controls the United Nations because the self-appointed general of the world needs wounds to sell their weapons of mass destruction simply because the blood money is their main source of income.

The approval given by the Pentagon which is the headquarters building of the USA has five sides and five angles.

I personally feel if South Korea and Iran could develop their military prowess, the balance of military superiority will keep both sides at bay or else the self-appointed five-star bully will be the unconquered ruler of the universe.

Gusto North Korea as you have the guts to storm the calm and show the entire world that David is possible to take on the Goliath because God works in a mysterious way.

Li Kuang Shu


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