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SLFP LG polls candidates list almost complete: Amaraweera

UPFA General Secretary Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said the SLFP candidate list for the forthcoming Local Government election is almost 99 percent complete.

“Once the Election Commission announces the poll date, we will publish the list of candidates,” he said.

“Although many political parties predicted that the election will not be held in January, we knew that it would be held in January,” Amaraweera said.

“Therefore, we have been ready for this poll for more than one year.Since there are two factions in our party, we have to strengthen the SLFP from grass roots level,” he added.

Addressing a weekly SLFP press briefing, the Minister said that SLFP is ready to contest the forthcoming Local Government poll as a very strong party.

“We are discussing a possibility of contesting under the hand symbol following a request made by majority of party members. Around 20 political parties have discussed with us about contesting the election as an alliance. Especially both Tamil and Muslim parties have expressed confidence in President Maithripala Sirisena,” the Minister said.

“We will not be contesting in an alliance with UNP at the forthcoming elections,” he added.

Commenting on the letter sent by the Joint Opposition with seven conditions, Minister Amaraweera said the letter will be forwarded to the SLFP Central Committee and the stance of the party will be revealed according to the Committee recommendations.


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