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American Made-The sky is never the limit

‘American Made’, a crime based Hollywood movie, directed by Doug Liman and Tom Cruise, sees Cruise playing Barry Seal, a real life TWA pilot in the 1980's who's recruited by the CIA to take pictures of things they want to track. He also ends up being a drug smuggler for Pablo Escobar at the same time.

If the words ‘based on a true story’ weren’t shown at the start of this film, you wouldn’t believe that any of the actions are true. It’s that insane and yet it happened. Barry Seal had money in the CIA, and in the drug trade. He had a successful family life. He had a business and too much cash to do anything with. There are sequences in the film where they are trying to find places to put cash and because they have so much, it’s overflowing in their house. This film takes a comical approach to this story while also having sequences of real genuine tension.

This is one of the better roles that Cruise has had in the past a few years because he is kind of an anti hero in the movie. Those are usually my favourite Cruise roles, where you understand his viewpoint but you know what he is doing is wrong. The characters complete obliviousness to just how bad and how low he is getting is really funny. The film understands that and takes advantages of that comical side of his character.

Whenever Cruise is starring in a movie, it makes it an exciting event. There have been hardly any movies lately, where he just hasn't been trying to create an authorization. The film makers give you an idea about what this character is like right from the beginning of the movie and as the viewer you should know he would make blunders because he enjoys danger way too much and he just gets bored.

In one scene he is seen flying in a plane as

his co pilot was asleep and instead of just nudging and telling him to wake up, he puts the whole plane down in danger dipping over and shaking up the whole cockpit. Passengers were flying all over the place. This ‘Barry Seal’ just loves taking risks. That is why I love the movie and Cruise's character in certain aspects.

Domhnall Gleeson plays the role as agent Schafer from the CIA well. He is the one, who recruits Cruise after he blocks him with the cigars. If you look into his characteristics he's actually a devil in human disguise. He doesn't seem too opposing.

The movie does feature one of the most prominent intellectual pieces, which is Pablo Escobar. They make murder feel like a fun time. Whenever he gets offered a new job and given a giant bag filled with cash no matter who it is whether it’s Pablo Escobar or the U.S Government handing him this money, he just smiles and says cool that sounds like fun and digs into a whole bigger hole, deeper than he was in before. It makes his character more compelling.

There are a lot of good performances in ‘American Made’. Sarah Wright who plays Barry Seal's wife is one. She holds her own ground against him She doesn't come across as somebody who is annoying and when she does initially finds out about the plan, she gets sucked in too and goes along with the ride.The movie feels a little lightweight at times.

The tone that Liman has chosen makes the events feel a little inconsequential. Though it was a tense time for the United States, it is portrayed in a very funny, light-hearted and entertaining manner. Therefore at times you just don’t really feel invested in the characters. This is one of the better roles thatTom Cruise has played in the past few years. It’s a very entertaining movie 


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