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Colombo Port becomes 25th busiest container port in the world

Colombo Port (SLPA) has become the 25th busiest ranked container port in the world according Lloyd’s List. SLPA was ranked two slots below in 2016.

Ho Chi Minh City was named 24th busiest port. “The significant rise in volumes in Colombo came as a result of an influx of ultra large containerships calling the Colombo International Container Terminal, situated in the port’s new south harbour development, capable of handling three ULCs simultaneously,” the publication said.

Chinese ports dominates the list with Shanghai in top spot 37.13 million TEUs, Shenzen in third with 23.97 million units, Ningbo-Zhoustan (4th place) with 21.56 million units, Hong Kong (6th) with 19.81 million, Guangzhou (7th) 18.8 million and Qindao (8th place) with 18.0 million units..

Outside of China only Singapore (2nd place) with 30.9 million units, South Korea’s Busan (5th place) 19.85 million and Dubai (9th place) with 14.77 million were outside China.

Volume growth in 2017 was fragmented; fortunes fluctuated between regions and countries, but one common theme remained. China is the main growth engine according to Lloyd’s List Top 100 Ports review. Total volumes may have risen moderately yet this was not to say that there were not any success stories over the course of the 12 months, as indeed there were. This helped to mask some dire performances elsewhere. 

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