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Sacked MP Wijesekara confuses Parliament with crossover

UPFA MP Dulip Wijesekara, who was sacked from his Deputy Ministerial post on Sunday, staged a crossover, confusing the Constitutional Assembly in Parliament yesterday.

MP Dulip Wijesekara, rising to a Point of Order at the outset of the debate on Constitutional reforms, said he decided to crossover in protest of the Constitution-making process, which the Chief Prelates of the country have objected.

He then tore the document and crossed the well of the House and sat on the Opposition benches as the Joint Opposition members thumped on their desks to welcome him.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe at this point reminded that the House has been convened as a Committee with the Mace not being placed in the podium.

“This is not a regular Parliament sitting to make a statement and crossover.

If a member wants to make a statement and switch parties, that should be done when the Mace is at the podium and when the Speaker is at his chair. If the member is not even aware of this basic fact, then what else have we got to say?” he remarked.

Many members thumped on their desks in agreement with the Premier’s statement.

As TNA MP M. A. Sumanthiran, who was standing at the time of the crossover, continued to make his speech, MP Wijesekara was seen handing over a letter to the Deputy Secretary General of Parliament.

MP Wijesekara also joined in the demonstration organized by the Joint Opposition near the Parliament roundabout.

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