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Unemployed graduates should be absorbed into provincial state service

A Medical Degree costs around Rs. 1.8 million. A sum of Rs. 1.5 million has to be spent to obtain a Special Degree, while one has to spend around Rs. 600,000 to get an ordinary Degree. On the other hand a very limited number of students gains entry to the state universities and earn a degree utilizing a massive amount of national wealth. However, thousands of graduates have to hold demonstrations throughout the country demanding employment after earning a degree under tough conditions which is a tragic outcome for the nation, Southern Provincial Councillor (JVP) Nalin Hewage said.

He was speaking at the Council meeting on Tuesday.

He made the above statement particularly to draw the attention of the House over a demonstration launched by a group of unemployed graduates demanding suitable jobs from the respective administrators. The graduates without jobs held the relevant protest in front of the Southern Provincial Council Secretariat at Kalegana , Galle while the council meeting was in progress.

"The rulers of the country do not have the needed perception to make use of the knowledge and brainpower of the educated young generation for the benefit of the country. They do not have a suitable strategy to absorb these learned graduates to the economic process of the country," the SP Councillor pointed out. "After 2012 graduates have not received job from the government. At present there are 75,000 unemployed graduates in the country out of which 14,000 graduates without jobs are from the Southern Province. The Southern Provincial Council should make arrangements to recruit these unemployed graduates when filling the existing job vacancies of the provincial state service," Nalin Hewage said. 

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