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Jaffna HC bans all forms of animal sacrifices at Kovils

Jaffna High Court Judge M.Elancheliyan yesterday banned all forms of animal sacrifices that are being practiced at Hindu kovils.

Jaffna HC Judge M.Elancheliyan delivering the judgment in a case against the annual sacrificial ceremony held at the Narasimma Kovil in Kavunawatte where several animals are sacrificed as deities to the gods, ruled that killing of animals at a pious place like Kovil where thousands of devotees worship the Gods is a punishable offence.

Legal Counsel who appeared for the continued practice of this ceremony argued that the halting of this ceremony which has been in practice for over 300 years is a dishonorable act. However,State Counsel refuted that claim stating that the practice of such primitive, barbaric rituals should be done away with as permits for the sacrifice were handed out freely by temporary, oblivious government officials.

It was also pointed out that the Butchers Ordinance does not permit the public killing or sacrifice of any animal under any circumstance nullifying the claim brought forward by the defence, that stated that the ceremony was conducted in accordance with the Butchers Ordinance.

Jaffna HC Judge M.Elancheliyan informed the Police that any individual or group in violation of the verdict was to be detained immediately and brought before court. 


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It should be stopped

Its a great judgement ! Saving a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty.''Earth is made for all Beings Not Just for HUMAN BEINGS''.

I whole heartedly support the decision made by the Jaffna High Court Judge M.Elancheliyan to make animal acrifices at Kovils a punishable offence. Hopefully in time to come it should not be allowed anywhere. It is barberic, primitive and offensive. No religion should support butchering of animals for sacrifices. Who will take a stand to stop the 'halal' method? This should be banned too. Food for thought ha?

To my understanding of the world, if god(s) created and rules the world, all beings are part of that creation. A common characteristic of fear for suffering or losing of life has assigned to both humans and the animals equally. Also love and kindness assigned equally to both humans and animals. Did god given special butcher licenses to some people to kill animal for his benefit or his agents benefits contrary to the law of the creation? This is a barbarian act of some so called ignorant god agents and followers who really not understand the god or god's law. We should really appreciated this judgment.

Bravo ! Judge M.Elancheliyan for President !!!

If people want a sacrifice ceremony, why don't spare one of their limbs and sacrifice same instead of animals. Lame religious beliefs. pffft

Only subhumans murder animals calling it a sacrifice. When will the deplorable realize that God does not seek appeasement by way of killing a defenseless being? If you are that interested then sacrifice your own self and it will be good for all beings.

We need these type of straightforward judges to build the nation .

good verdict

I totally agree with this judgement that animal sacrifices should not be in a holy place. Kovil is a place of worship like Catholic goes to Church and Buddhists to temples. I'm sure in that perspective any God wouldn't have faith told to sacrifice a living being and if so it cannot be a God. God's are above human realm. Whether the tradition is either 300 or more years of old i feel we should understand the killing of an animal is a sin and it could be a sin offering when an animal is howling to death in front of a God are we so childish to understand that God favours us. I guess a timely rule which i hope be effective

Animals killed for sacrificial purposes are cleaned and consumed as food or used for fodder or other purposes, just as much as fruit and other agricultural produce brought to the alter in worship are utilised subsequently. What is important is that it should be done according to set hygiene and ethical standards and is not done in public in an offensive manner. After all, that is how we murder millions of cattle, chicken, lamb, pigs, fish all the time for human food consumption and other human use.


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