Shootout in Divulapitiya: One dead, seven arrested | Daily News

Shootout in Divulapitiya: One dead, seven arrested


A criminal died and seven were arrested in an exchange of gunfire between the Special Task Force  (STF) and an armed criminal group at Henegedara, in the Divulapitiya police division today.

The STF, having received a tip-off with regards to an armed gang at Doonagaha Ballapana Road in Henegedara, were in the process of conducting a search operation when they were shot at by an armed offender with his pistol, Police media source said.

When the STF team countered the attack, one of the criminals in the group was shot at and later taken to the Diulapitiya hospital. He later succumbed to his injuries.

The STF team took seven persons into custody at the scene along with 2 pistols and a hand grenade.



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