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GMOA to FCID over government spending on SAITM


The Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) will make an official complaint to the ​Financial Crimes Investigation Division (​FCID​)​ in connection with ​the government ​pumping Rs. 900 million to Dr. Neville Fernando private hospital​, in addition to the Rs. 3,500​ million being pumping to the same hospital annually, GMOA Media Spokesman Dr. Samantha Ananda said.

Addressing a press conference held at the GMOA Headquarters in Colombo today he said that the GMOA will also make a complain ​to the Right To Information Commission ​in connection with not providing the information requested from the University Grant​s Commission (UGC) on SAITM. ​

​According to Dr. Ananda, Health Ministry officially accepted the fact that it does not have any information, facts or details about Dr. Neville Fernando Hospital and the Higher Education Ministry officially accepted the fact that it does not have any information on SAITM obtaining the Compliance Certificate. Relevant officials of the two Ministries accepted those facts in writing, he said.

“It is surprising that how three politicians fool the country's Executive President and the parliament and do what they want putting the lives of innocent poor patients in danger. People wonder where the Executive powers of the President and the two third majority in the Parliament because none of them use for the welfare of the people who face a grave danger in future because of the SAITM issue and the various hardships faced by the entire country is due to not solving SAITM issue. Nobody wants SAITM except three politicians,” he added.​


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GMOA blinded with confusion. We all want SAITM, as about 1000 doctors are preparing to practice after internship, having paid their parents' hard earned money to get medical education. They need a return for what they spent, as well as their future livelihood after 7-8 years of medical study, unlike the street marching state 'Z' who are squandering the free education govt. provided with the tax payer's hard earned money How dare state meds. waste govt. money. This is not about 3 politicians but about GMOA trying to destroy the future lives of the doctor youths of our country who are better trained than these wild terrorists, more ethically and morally sound, full of compassion for patients. Rabid Karl Marx SLMC, never having given Compliance Certificates, is in total ignorance of the procedure, believe it or not. Result of academic chair warming.

Rabid lunacy of GMOA is its unlimited pursuit of a free gift of a hospital to govt. for free treatment of patients, where government pays the cost of maintenance and drugs, like all other govt. hospitals which are so costly to maintain for social benefit. GMOA only knowing how to extract money from patients, does not understand the value of giving sacrificially and freely for patient care both in time and money, also having had free medical education. Money mad TU is bereft of mindset and behavior of what is lasting and valuable in life.


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