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Hartal in North

A Hartal was launched in the Northern Province demanding that the authorities release political prisoners who have been detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act without cases being filed in courts.

Shops in the Mullaitivu, Killinochchi, Vavuniya, Mannar and Jaffna districts were kept closed and public transport service came to a standstill yesterday.

A number of protests were held in Jaffna, Killinochchi and many other areas yesterday with the support of Tamil political parties and civil societies.

Thousands of people seeking services from government institutions were inconvenienced as a few officials turned up for duty yesterday. All schools in the province were virtually closed due to poor attendance of students and teachers.


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These Tamils were brought down by the Imperialists to remove night garbage and to work in Tea estates almost like slaves. Ceylon / Sri Lanka gave these people an education ,and a decent living conditions which led even these immigrants who were treated equally and became , a Chief Justice, Police Chief, and manyy top civil service jobs. Tamils have forgotten the past and tried to wage war with the beneficiery and almost all Tamils supported the Tamil terrorist group and killed many innocent, maimed, and destroyed property. Sinhalese is the majority over 76% were predominantly Buddhists and were kind and accepted these Tamils. However, these Tamils formed a rebel group and attacked the Sri Lankan military convoys and the Sinhala /Tamil riots started and these Tamils were financed by India and trained in Military including by many European countries and the CIA to destabilize the country. They are of South Indian origin. Ingratitude caused these rifts and now they want everything and also to divide the country for criminal reasons .The Government has the unfettered right to detail, imprison these rebels and those associated with it. There was a war. The wars cause many casualties . This war was asked by these Tamils. SRi Lanka government has been weak and soft. It is time to treat these rebellions with harsh actions and keep them in their place. Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and cannot be dicated by these Westerners with the ulterior motive to separate the country and must act with stringent laws and acts and never ever alllow these Westerners to dictate to us.

Some comments give us the impression lot of social ignorance prevail among us. Schools should lanka history to all students across the country. Ignorant fools will do lot of of idiotic things which is sometimes all must forget forgive as a case of mental insufficiency or lack of educationZ

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