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Elected leaders will be answerable to the electorate: Faiszer

Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faiszer Musthapha stated that the era of family bandism, is over and he will usher in an era where the leadership is answerable to the electorate and there will be an increase in women’s representation in politics. Minister Faiszer expressed these ideas at an awareness workshop with heads of foreign diplomatic missions, representatives of local and foreign Non-Government Organizations, independent election observers at the Ministry Auditorium.

“In future, elections will be conducted under the mixed proportional electoral system and will ensure that the elected leaders will be answerable to the electorate, and will be conducted in a more independent manner. Further, there will be more women’s representation and only one member of a family will be allowed to contest, making the political playing field more open to all.”

“Today this Government has taken a very progressive step by ensuring 25 percent women’s representation in Provincial Councils and 25 percent women’s representation in Local Government Institutions. By these enactments we hope to increase women’s representation. Our expectations are not to put this minister’s or that member’s or local political strongman’s wife or daughter in to Provincial Councils or Local Government authorities. If we did not take action in this regard the law will be utilized to use the quota of 25 percent to bring the daughters and wives of politicians into the Provincial Councils and Local Authorities. Therefore, we will give this opportunity to others. I therefore request everybody to refrain from introducing their kith and kin to politics when recommending the names of the women who will be chosen. I also request all political parties to limit their representatives to only one family member and this will give rise to a more progressive political culture," he said.

There is another matter. When nominations are made it is compulsory to nominate 10 percent women to the electorate. Also 50 percent of the lists should have women representatives. I believe that this will encourage more women’s representation. Although the act of 2016 had provision for women’s representation it is this Act that ensures proper representation. Today it is those with commitment who will be entering politics.” The elections to Provincial Councils will be held in January. I will be submitting a memorandum to Cabinet regarding women’s representation and the proposed workshops and programmes and awareness programmes through media.


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