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Treasure hunters break into Thalaguna Vehera

The Thalaguna Chaitya which had been a target of treasure hunters. Picture by Asela Kuruluwansa

Treasure hunters had broken into the historic Thalaguna Vehera, dating back to the time of king Dutugemunu, several days ago but the robbery had not gained the attention of the Archaeological Department Authorities, residents in the area alleged.

Police said treasure hunters had broken the Chaitya 'Garbhaya' and dug an eight foot hole after removing the granite boulders. The Thalaguna Vehera stands on a 300 metre hillock overlooking the Mahaweli river banks and according to folklore, it had been used as an observation post by royal guards if ancient kings.

A team from the Katugastota Police arrived at the spot for a field survey recently, but authorities had not taken any measures to apprehend the suspects involved so far the residents alleged.


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