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‘GMOA will defeat Health Minister’s alleged intimidation’

The efforts made by the Health Minister to achieve his targets by blaming the GMOA and intimidating health trade unions will be defeated soon, Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) Secretary Dr. Haritha Aluthge said.

Addressing a press conference at the GMOA Headquarters in Colombo yesterday, he said the Health Minister despises the GMOA because it revealed his political bankruptcy to the entire country. He says meaningless things at various press conferences, Dr. Aluthge said.

Dr. Aluthge pointed out that the Court Of Appeal judgement clearly stated the duties neglected by the Health Minister and he had posed a risk to people's right to life.

He has done this by interfering with the independent functions of the Sri Lankan Medical Council (SLMC). The former Health Minister (current President) has not involved in any act of betrayal like the current Health Minister, he said.



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I think the GMOA is mistaken. The public of this country aware the current health minister for having eye lances free and stents for the heart patients. Many other good things done for the betterment of general health like taxing the tobacco companies for the maximum. If he was unpopular for any reason it was due to the unfair ugly bias strikes of the medical sector conducted by the GMOA. I feel this is mostly due to the bankruptcy of the GMOA these things happen. If there was a stronger health minister the fate of the GMOA would be different. GMOA could not abolish saitm despite multiple trade union actions and lot of false propaganda and the number of trade unions extending support to their anti saitm protest is daily declining. I feel the GMOA is fully bankrupt now. They do not use any diplomatic way of solutions other than so called token strikes. This is the gauge to measure their bankruptcy. I do not comment on the public comments but anyone in touch with media is fully aware of them. You are already defeated in the unfair SAITM battle and please do not put the blame on your minister. Please try to win the public opinion and get together with all your membership and try to do the best service for the innocent people of this poor country. This is what the ancestors of your previously reputed trade union did in the past. It is so easy to built up your reputation once again and win the hearts of the poor patients of this country if you build up a good insight first and behave accordingly.

GMOA is under the Minister and has to take orders or rebel. GMOA does not have unlimited dictatorial powers and has to obey judicial verdict and law of the land. Health minister is part of collective executive cabinet body in the government unlike GMOA TU for members only. SLMC is part of govt. but it violated Medical Ordinance with malice to SAITM. Court verdict of internship to SAITM on January 31st 2017, would have ended the problem, but for rabid communist lunatic Carlo's behavior in an clashing democratic govt., aided by unpredictable SLMC Deans warming chairs, clueless about clinical standards. Chaos is the result.

Live long Carlo to see the massive destruction done to the free education in this country as a result of politicalising SLMC and showing double standerds to KDU and Saitm violating medical ordinance


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