‘Sri Lankan digital Courts concept delayed due to tech fears’ | Daily News

‘Sri Lankan digital Courts concept delayed due to tech fears’

Many countries have been able to accelerate the exchange of information in government departments and organizations through the digitalization process and this concept is being implemented in a number of countries in the Asian Region. The project to digitalize the Sri Lankan Court system was launched in 2016 and the first pilot programme was implemented in Matara Courts. Since then, for more than a year and a half, the project is stalled due to some fearing the new technology, a press release from the Policy Development Office of the Prime Minister’s Office stated.

While we are taking the initial steps, India has launched their second digital Courts system in Andhra Pradesh. India’s first digital Court was launched by Hyderabad High Court in 2016, and recently they introduced their second digital Court saying that the process of paperless justice has accelerated the process of vindication of rights, the release stated.

The judicial system in Sri Lanka is complicated with a large amount of information from a large number of cases. Digitalization has proved the best solution to this problem. Even with the granting of all permissions by the Government of Sri Lanka, the digital Courts concept is delayed by some persons who are afraid of new technology, the release added.

In addition to the Digital Court concept, The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the utilization of digitalization as an economic development strategy on July 27 and now, it is being designed by the specialists to initiate the project, the release stated.


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