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Suicide not an option says Ven. Samitha Thera

Committing suicide is not the answer to one’s problems, because there is not one but numerous other ways to solve a problem. Religious leaders too should take a leading role to educate the people after giving a patient hearing to their woes, said Southern Provincial Council UPFA member Ven. Baddegama Samitha Thera.

The Thera was addressing a press conference held at Galle on October 12.

Ven. Samitha Thera said it was the bounden duty of the Maha Sangha attending Pansakula ceremonies at funerals of persons committing suicide to decry the sinful act of taking one’s own life in order to discourage other members of society from doing so.

Ven Samitha There said recently, he attended a Pansakula ceremony of a father who had committed suicide who had been holding Bodhi Poojas to invoke blessings on a child sitting the Grade 5 scholarship examination.

Ven. Samitha Thera said in his anusasana he condemned the hasty action taken by the deceased and explained the repercussions of such action. He did this in order to take the message to the society and discourage people from taking their own lives when confronted by insolvent problems.

Ven. Samitha Thera said the time was opportune to initiate a public dialogue on this subject to combat the high incidence of suicides.


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