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Time to revive Agricultural sector in SL

The contribution of Agricultural sector to the national production has come down drastically over the years from 29 percent of GDP to 8 percent as at now, said Agricultural Ministry Secretary B.Wijerathne.

Addressing a press conference at the Strategic Enterprise Management Agency, the Secretary said, the President is keen on reversing this trend and reviving the agricultural sector to boost its contribution for national production.

“It is with this aim the Agricultural Ministry has launched a special programme titled ‘National Food Production Revolution’ and we hope to cultivate 800,000 hectares of paddy in the coming harvest season through this programme under the instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena,” he said.

Agriculture Director General Dr. Rohan Wijekoon said, the government wants 400,000 seed paddy to reach the target of cultivating 800,000 hectares. There is a scarcity of seed paddy in North Western and North Central Provinces due to drought situation experienced and the government will distribute seed paddy to farmers in those areas.

It is expected that 400,000 buckwheat will be cultivated so that Sri Lanka will fulfill the requirement of 3000 metric tonnes of buckwheat, he said. Mr Wijekoon also requested paddy farmers to start Maha season cultivation now as meteorological authorities have predicted enough rain in the up-coming monsoon.


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