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National Food Production Program Week in NWP launched

Rev. Fr. Nelson Samantha Fernando blessing those at the religious service.
Rev. Fr. Nelson Samantha Fernando blessing those at the religious service.

Primary Industries Minister Daya Gamage with the officials of his Ministry commenced the National Food Production Program Week, at Talawila in Puttalam, Kurunegala, and Anamaduwa in the North Western Province on October 9. The program is geared to create more job opportunities to those unemployed and also intends to help increase family income.

Minister Gamage in his address said, that with the successful implementation of the National Food Program, it would help the national income to increase rapidly to the tune of billions of rupees within the next three years. He also said that Kalpitiya in the North Western Region would be turned into one out of the 15 vegetable export centers in the country.

The Minister touring the coastal belt area visited the Kandakuliya fisheries villages and spoke with the members of the Fisheries Women’s Organisation. In his discussion with them, with regard to a number of issues that hinder progress of the projects the women have undertaken, the Minister shared a piece of advice with them as to how they could improve the trade and oysters found in abundance in the area in particular. He told the members that his Ministry would provide equipment necessary which in monetary terms would cost around Rs. 150,000 per person and that he would also ensure in providing marketing facilities.

Minister Daya Gamage watering Tom EJC mango plant, planted at the Shrine’s ground.

The Members told the visiting Minister Gamage, the enormous problems they face due to the illegal fishing boats moving in the waters where they go fishing. They also pointed out that the coral destruction has a very big impact on the future of their fishing industry, as the corals play a crucial role in ensuring constant availability of fish in abundance.

With illegal boats entering the waters where we go fishing, our daily income has come to very low level, they said. They pleaded with the Minister to look into the 53 illegal boats moving around within the area where they go fishing.

The religious service held at the St Anne’s Shrine Thalawila to commence the activities of the day was attended by Minister Daya Gamage. North Western Province Provincial Council Agriculture Minister Sumal Tisera and other district leaders also attended the religious service.


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