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Nutrient rich beans

Beans have been introduced to Sri Lanka from the Western countries. There are more than 100 varieties of beans in the world. In Sri Lanka one would find only the green and yellow coloured beans, which grow easily in any part of the country.

These beans are filled with protein and a variety of vitamins and minerals which help the growth of the human body. Therefore this vegetable is nutrient for anyone. This gives immense strength to a vegetarian who does not consume meat. Beans are a good vitamin for the eye sight and especially for arthritis and diabetic patients and for those who are suffering from high blood and low blood pressure.

The tender beans are easy to digest and the seeds are full of nutrients too. This is a must in the plate of a pregnant mother.

This could be used as a drink with a drop or two of lime with sugar or without sugar.

The best recipe of a housewife is to have 500 grams of beans cooked with onions, ginger, raw chillies, a dash of saffron, chilly powder, salt to taste adding some coconut milk after tempering with a little butter. Beans could be added to your cucumber salad raw or half boiled.

These beans are a miraculous vegetable which could be prescribed by any Doctor in any patients’ daily diet.


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