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A variety of dishes from Hotel Riu

The five-star 24hr all-inclusive hotel Riu Sri Lanka serves a variety of dishes from different destinations among which the local cuisine being a popular one. The hotel features two main restaurants, RitiPanna and Ceylon, and three themed restaurants. The main restaurants offer a buffet with a large variety, from Sri Lankan and Asian to Italian and Mediterranean dishes, in addition to continental breakfast and snacks at the barbeque restaurant Saute. Additionally guests can also choose to have dinner at the hotel’s Asian restaurant Kaori or Italian at La Forchetta.

Riu Sri Lanka serves a minimum of eight local dishes during all three meals, and some of the most popular are banana pod tempered (kehelmuwatelata), cassava white curry (kirimangngokka) yellow fin tuna ambulthiyal, tempered chili prawn with kangkung (issokangkung theldala) yellow rice (kandiribatha) steamed red rice, coconut sambol (pol sambola) fried sprats sambol (haalmassokatagasma) water cress sambol (gotukolasambol with fresh coconut) pot roasted pork (pork kiribaduma) cuttlefish tempered (dallobaduma) chicken black curry (kukulmas curry) grilled coconut bread (pol roti) among others.

Riu Sri Lanka’s passion and love towards food is well reflected in its cuisines and undoubtedly has one of the best kitchens in the country and guests have an irresistible crave for its top notch bakery products; French baguettes and hard roll being the most highlighted. Its consistency and taste never disappoints. This goes for desserts too such as jaggery, cashew toffee pudding and watalappam.

The Executive Chef is Aritha Fernando who is a well reputed chef in the industry withdiverse culinary experience both locally and internationally, having worked with various hotels, resorts and chefs from around the world. He has immense experience in successful pre openings and furthermore to foresee the profitable operation soon after the grand opening, in line with the international standards.He is also an expert in complicated dietary requirements of clients and likes on-the-job trainings and motivation with his brigade.

Chef Fernando said,‘It is been a fun and exciting journey with Riu Sri Lanka where we use our secret ingredients- love and passion- into dishing out flavourful, diverse and delicious food. Staffs are always empowered and motivated to improve, learn, develop and invent dishes with our guidance. All of our guests leave a very memorable and positive impression.’ 


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