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‘Cheese tea’ is the latest drink craze

Those of you with a moustache will know there’s nothing more satisfying than slurping back a latte and savouring the foam left on your upper lip.

Some have even been known to leave it there for ages afterwards - because that belated caffeine hit you get from licking the face furniture several hours later is just as good.

But tea drinkers (along with the clean shaven) have always had to miss out on the follicular fun - until now.

Say hello to Cheese Tea, people, the Taiwanese drinking sensation that’ll put a smile on your face, and a big white caterpillar across the top of your gob.

Relax though, it’s not nearly as rank as it sounds - grating a lump of Cheddar over a freshly brewed mug of Tetley’s it is not.

Instead you get a hot cup of steaming char, topped with lashing of fluffy, whipped cheese. And, after going down a storm in the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong and New York, it looks set to come to the UK.

Connoisseurs of fermented curd, however, will know the bizarre, but tasty, beverage can already be tracked down to Asian tea chain Happy Lemon, near London’s Leicester Square, but we could be seeing more spring up around the country soon enough.

It certainly beats the recent US trend for colourful rainbow lattes - which included coconut milk, dragon fruit, turmeric, almond milk and blue algae... but, bizarrely, not so much as a single bean of coffee - in the weirdness stakes.

If nothing else, it’ll certainly spark a new Instagram trend of cheese tea drinkers posing for the camera sporting a frothy cream cookie duster.

Which means even those amongst you too squeamish to try it for real can still get in on the fun without ever having to take a proper sip.



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