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Pioneer Electronics introduces multimedia receivers

Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, a leader in after market car audio, announced four new multimedia receivers last week. Leading the 2017 line-up are the 1-DIN AVH-Z7050BT and 2-DIN AVH-Z5050BT, followed by the AVH-Z2050BT, and AVH-Z1050DVD.

D.R. Industries Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the Damro Group is the authorized distributor of Pioneer car audio in Sri Lanka. The Pioneer New AV Series 2918 was launched at the Grand Oriental Hotel.

In continuing with Pioneer's focus on enhancing user experience, the entire range offers greater smartphone connectivity, convenient one-cable connection, and a superior audio-visual performance - making Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and other premium entertainment features accessible to every driver.

“The world is more connected than ever. Together with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile internet across South East Asia, local drivers are expecting better seamless connectivity from their in-car infotainment systems,” said Deputy General Manager, Business Planning and Marketing Division, Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, Takao Chiba. “The new Z-Series multimedia receivers were developed to meet consumers’ evolving expectations of easier smartphone connectivity and superior audio/video performance. With that in mind, we have focused on both hardware and software upgrades to offer a complete and improved user experience,” Chiba said.

More car owners can now enjoy one of the most comprehensive smartphone connectivity options available. All Bluetooth-ready Z-Series multimedia receivers can simultaneously connect up to five Bluetooth devices for family entertainment. Additionally, users can browse their media library with upgraded Bluetooth AVRCP 1.6 capability.

Drivers can now enjoy a more seamless user experience. Connecting a smartphone to any one of the 2017 multimedia receivers is now a plug-and-play affair, as the head unit can automatically detect and retrieve the available content from the phone.


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