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Fairway Colombo celebrates first year in operation

A year ago, the Fairway Colombo City Hotel is celebrating its first year of operation in the Hospitality Industry in Sri Lanka.

The hotel has become the epitome of ‘smart luxury’. The term was coined specially to describe the hotel and its services. As the country’s most technologically advanced hotel, the Fairway Colombo features a strictly environment-friendly system, including motion sensors in every room for optimized energy conservation and planned paper-free registration.

The key feature of each room is the IP-TV that offers not just a number of varying channels to suit the interests of the guest but also comes with the video on demand feature, in-room shopping facilities and a selection of restaurants from which a guest may select their choice of dish and have it delivered without ever having to leave the room.

The rooms themselves are spacious and comfortable, each with a clean and well-maintained bathroom attached. The Fairway Colombo consists of a boardroom, a gym, food court and a total of 181 rooms that range from single bedrooms to family rooms and suits, some of which come complete with a pantry and living room. The hotel also features seven handicap rooms.

Paintings by renowned artist, Anoma Wijewardena, adorns the walls of Fairway Colombo. The paintings depict the natural phenomenon “Earth Rise Within Us” brought to life with intricate and skilled brushwork, featuring concepts like climate change, sustainability, environment and our future.

Almost every day in the week, Hospital Street comes alive, as the hotel hosts event after event that draws in throngs of people, locals and tourists alike. The first of such events to be introduced was the ‘Fairway Colombo Street Food Festival’, which takes place during every last weekend of each month on Hospital Street.

With a varying array of tantalizing cuisines such as, Indonesian, Italian and Sri Lankan, the festival boasts of a wide array of delicious offerings designed to appeal to food lovers from all around and a fun-filled atmosphere with a live band performing along with DJ entertainment.

The latest addition to the list is ‘Jam on the Street’, an event that brings together professional musicians and amateur music enthusiasts from various musical genres ranging from jazz, blues, pop and alternative, to perform together on a shared platform creating a uniquely novel experience to their audiences.

Over the past year, the Fairway Colombo has undoubtedly become the “most happening place” in its namesake city. Being a trendsetter when it comes to technology in hospitality as well as the place to go when on the lookout for a one of a kind experience, combining live music and great food, Fairway Colombo seems to have a metaphorical foot in both worlds.

Fairway Colombo creates memorable experiences for tourists to take back home with fond memories, easily becoming the top spot on the list of must-visit places in Colombo.

The hotel was presented with a “2016 Guest Review Award” by Booking.com, a popular global online accommodation booking website. The website also acclaimed the Fairway Colombo as the property with the best value in Colombo providing guests with more than their money’s worth in comparison to other locations in the city.


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