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Sathosa Motors boosts construction sector with new high capacity Isuzu Dump Truck

Building on the success of the first-ever Isuzu NMR Dump Truck launched in the Sri Lankan market late last year, Sathosa Motors PLC (SML) has launched the higher capacity the Isuzu FTR 33F-23 Dump truck to cater to the rapidly expanding construction sector.

An ideal companion for large scale construction companies, this new version is capable of hauling as much as 7 tons of loose earth, sand or soil, thereby reducing the need for frequent trips. Another high productivity feature of this truck is the sharp tipping angle of 57-degrees, which is well beyond the tipping angles in existing vehicles in the country.

This far more flexible angle offers greater precision and complete emptying of the truck bed. A durable workhorse vehicle, it boasts a powerful 6-cylinder engine that lasts longer and outlasts existing competition in the market. Ideal for long haulage, this model combines great value for money, higher productivity for high value construction projects and the security of the Isuzu brand name. More than 80 years have passed since the first Isuzu truck pulled out of the factory and onto the road, but Isuzu is today Japan's best-selling truck manufacturer and a major force for innovation. SML leads the sector in the Light Commercial Vehicle category as the exclusive distributor of Isuzu.

Commenting on the historic launch of the new vehicle category, SML’s Managing Director, Tilak Dias Gunasekera says, “We are delighted to introduce the Isuzu FTR 33F-23 Dump Truck for the benefit of construction companies engaged in large scale infrastructure and building projects. The rapidly expanding skyline in Colombo and other cities is giving rise to demand for heavy duty dump trucks that offer durability and higher productivity.

This is the main reason we have introduced this powerful dump truck with substantial hauling capacity and engine power to support the construction sector. Manufactured in Japan, Isuzu vehicles are known for their exceptional quality, long term durability and high resale value. SML is offering special rates for the first 3 trucks which are in stock presently. We are confident that this vehicle will serve as the ideal component to deliver their projects successfully.”

The launch of the all-new Isuzu FTR 33F-23 is in keeping with the company’s commitment to align its portfolio in tune with evolving customer needs. The vehicle holds the capacity to carry an impressive load of 7 tonnes, while its powerful 8200 cc engine boasts horsepower of 200 bhp. The extended warranty period of 2 years or 50,000 kms, whichever occurs first, is a clear advantage that the vehicle enjoys in the market. Its large capacity fuel tank can hold up to 200 liters of diesel to facilitate long road journeys. 



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