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JLanka to introduce future energy solutions at Techno 2017

GoEV fast charger
GoEV fast charger

JLanka Technologies will be showcasing its pioneering renewable energy solutions together with innovative ideas and technologies from October 13-15 at the BMICH at Techno 2017, the largest and only engineering and technology exhibition to be held in Sri Lanka.

With the three-day event themed ‘Empowering Innovation – Smart, Inventive, Disruptive Technologies for Sustainable Innovation’, JLanka will represent the company’s vision for ‘Energizing a Sustainable Nation’, showcasing current and future initiatives to achieve its mission in making Sri Lanka 100% energy self-sufficient, continuing to be the most trusted renewable and sustainable energy solutions provider in the country.

Techno 2017 gives JLanka a platform to create more awareness on clean energy solutions for a wide set of verticals across residential, commercial and industrial sectors, which with the company’s foresight are today easily accessible and highly economic.

“Our objective at Techno 2017 is to ensure that visitors realize solar power and other renewable energy solutions are the future of Sri Lanka,” said Srinath Dolage, Marketing Manager, JLanka Technologies. “We invite everyone to visit our stall and understand exactly how beneficial and convenient it is to adapt to solar energy through the various schemes and solutions JLanka has on offer.”

Visitors will be introduced to some of JLanka’s latest sustainable initiatives; the company is set to launch the SolarEdge HD Wave Converter in Sri Lanka at Techno 2017, a sure catalyst in the technological transformation of the country in terms of renewable energy.

GoEV – a smart electric vehicle (EV) charging platform that offers multiple services and benefits for the rapidly growing number of EV owners in Sri Lanka will also be featured at Techno 2017.

The GoEV charge station solutions platform also offers a range of chargers for potential EV owners as well as entrepreneurs who are looking at owning charging stations to meet the growing demand of facilities for EVs.

Another equally exciting feature at the JLanka stall will be the Monitoring Portal for IoT (Internet of Things). With an intelligent network infrastructure, consumers can use this IoT platform to improve operations, safety and security, and also gain valuable data and insight into managing electrical equipment and energy consumption in organizations across all industries. 


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