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Single seater Formula Federation supports young Ford Lazer drivers

Competing for a better timing during the lap time session.
Competing for a better timing during the lap time session.

Motor Sport in Sri Lanka has developed from humble beginnings to what it is today. Those with the passion to compete, in order to fulfil their need for challenge and desire for victory now undergo rigorous training in order to improve their capability, capacity and performance.

Towards this end and in order to take Sri Lankan Motor Racing to the next level, the Asian Motor Racing Club (AMRC) jointly with the Single Seater Formula Motor Sports Association with the Sponsorship of McLarens Lubricants - Sole Distributors for Mobil Lubricants in Sri Lanka, and the McLarens Group of Companies conducted a training programme at the Pannala International Race Track.

The training programme was conducted by veteran motor sports enthusiast Shehan de Tissera with the assistance of Messrs. Jaliya Jayasekera and Ryan Gray, for a group of 20 racing drivers in the Ford Laser / Mazda 1300 and 1500 category.

The class room theory introduced driver training on the Formula McLarens 1300cc, followed by lap time on the track, and a demonstration on Blipping and how it affects the handling of a single seater car for cornering and gear changing.

The training modules consisted of: Technical Specifications of the car, Understanding the Single Seater driving technique, Breaking, Blipping, Weight Transfer, Cornering, Lines and Apex. A brief track walk was done to show a typical breaking point, turning point and Apex, where the trainers placed cones on all the turns to indicate the typical turning point and the Apex.

The participants were then divided into 4 groups and controlled lap time was given to assess the practical application of Blipping, Breaking and Cornering. After every session, a de-brief was carried out and the shortcomings were discussed.

The final session was timed and the 10 fastest selected for participation at the Pannala Circuit Meet.

Kushan Pieris emerged as the winner with Randika Niroshan coming in at second place and Tharindu Dharmaratne in third place.

“We as Motor Sports fans wish to express our humble gratitude to the McLarens Group of Companies for giving us the opportunity, and Sponsoring the training and our participation at the Pannala Circuit Meet” says Winner, Kushan Pieris.


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