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Three pointers for ‘Race 3’

Salman Khan is one of the most sought-after superstars and has a gazillion fans. However, there are few things you would never come across in a Salman Khan film: explicit content, Salman in an antagonistic role and skimpily clad female actors. Staying true to his brand of cinema, the ‘Tubelight’ actor has once again reportedly laid down these three clauses in front of the makers of ‘Race 3’.

According to reports, apart from that, Salman also wants to increase the humour content in the film. Salman has reportedly asked the writers, and producer Ramesh Taurani to make the film funnier and add more humour in the script. Also, there was allegedly a drug-peddling scene in the film that was nixed on Salman’s insistence as he did not want to set a bad example for his fans, especially kids and youngsters who follow him.

Add to that, the ‘Race’ franchise has also featured some steamy scenes between its protagonists. But that won’t be the case with Salman’s ‘Race 3’. The superstar wants the film to cater to family audiences and therefore, he doesn’t want even one steamy scene, the reports add.

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