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Namal and cohorts preventing investments: Kiriella

Namal and his cohorts in the joint opposition group, who did not know the difference between an outright sale and a lease agreement, are trying to create unnecessary disturbances in the country with the ulterior motive of preventing foreign investors from bringing in investments to the country, High Education and Highways Minister Lakshman Kiriella said.

Addressing a press conference held in Kandy, Kiriella said the people conducting protest campaigns today have conveniently forgotten that the former regime offered the Port City to China as an outright sale and it was taken back to Sri Lankan ownership only after the present government assumed office.

Kiriella said the Hambantota Magampura Port and the Mattala Airport would be given over to foreign investors under a long term lease agreement since the government had no intention to sell them to foreign countries. He said certain sections of the media were also surreptitiously assisting the conspiracy hatched by the joint opposition group to wean away foreign investors. He said the contract for building the Central Expressway had been awarded according to a Cabinet paper and certain sections, who lost the contract after submitting bids, were trying to sling mud at the government in league with certain sections of the media.


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