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‘North, Eastern Provinces should remain amalgamated’

The Northern and Eastern Provinces should remain amalgamated. If the Muslim public opposed this idea, the Muslim leadership should be asked to render their support and cooperation to it, Leader of the Newly formed Tamil United Freedom Front and Former Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman said.

Muralitharan was addressing a press conference convened by his new party at its headquarters in Kallady on October 7. He said the call to amalgamate the Northern and Eastern Provinces was nothing new. It was the objective of the Late leader Chelvanayakam and no one could change it.

Muralitharan said TNA Leader Sampanthan had betrayed the Tamil people by voting in favour of the Provincial Council Elections Amendment Bill. "The Muslim Leadership too had betrayed their people by doing the same. They were quite unaware as to why they took this stand," he said.

Party Secretary V. Kamaladas and Former Provincial Minister K. Navarathnaraja were present. 



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Already all the provinces are amalgamated and are under the control of Central Government, only partial power needed to administer is provided, All provinces should remain as province no need to amalgamate only North and East we have more than two provinces.


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