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Case against Nalaka Godahewa fixed for further trial


The case filed against Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) former Chairman Nalaka Godahewa and two others who are alleged to have been involved in conspiring to misappropriate SEC funds worth Rs. 5, was today fixed for further trial on December 11. 

Colombo High Court Judge Padmini R. Gurusinghe fixed the case for further trial.  

The three accused were indicted on three counts which come under Public Property Act.

The Attorney General further alleged that the three accused had committed this offense between August 6 and August 18, 2013.

The Attorney General maintained that three accused, SEC former Chairman Nalaka Godahewa, SEC former Deputy Director General Dhammika Manjira Perera and Tharunyata Hetak Organisation Sports Director Ronnie Ibrahim had conspired to misappropriate a sum Rs. 5 million of funds which were granted as a sponsor to the Tharunyata Hetak Organisation (A tomorrow for youth) by the SEC and the money in question had been transferred to a bank account belonging to Ceylon Premium Sports Limited to promote rugby in contrary to a decision of SEC.

The third accused Ronnie Ibrahim had been charged for aiding and abetting to commit this offence. 

Senior Counsel Ranil Samarasuriya with Sudantha Bandara and Niroshan Siriwardena appeared for the accused.


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