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Who is fooling whom?

The Sri Lanka cricket team after their recent 3-0 whitewash at the hands of India.
The Sri Lanka cricket team after their recent 3-0 whitewash at the hands of India.

There have been lofty claims by the present cricket hierarchy on how smart their decision making is compared to those made by the Interim Committee/s that preceded their tenure in office.

The examination of one such claim on how cricket was down in the doldrums during the tenure of the previous Interim Committee and how they have improved performance reveals the true story.

People holding high office often make unsubstantiated and false claims knowing very well that most such irresponsible statements are mired in “subjectivity”.

However, we are now presented with a situation where “subjectivity” can be completely ruled out and a very fair analysis can be carried out.

The Indian cricket team played a series of 3 Test matches in Sri Lanka during the tenures of both administrations one led by Sidath Wettimuny and the other by Thilanga Sumathipala. A simple apple with apples comparison tells readers the simple truth.


Some stark revelations that the above statistics reveal are;

• India was not allowed to cross the 400 run mark even once during their previous tour. However, during the recently concluded tour they surpassed the 400 run mark by a long way accumulating 622 for the loss of 9 wickets.• Sri Lanka knocked over 58 Indian wickets during the previous tour but lost only 32 wickets accumulating an aggregate of 1,949 (528 more runs than Sri Lanka) on their way to achieving their only Test series whitewash overseas during the history of Indian cricket.

• The lack of penetration in the bowling attack showed up like a sore thumb during the recent tour whereas the Indian team was bowled out under 400 runs in all innings barring one where they declared their innings for the loss of 8 wickets in the second test during the previous series.

• The Sri Lankan team was far more competitive during the previous tour with all games going down to the wire and finishing on the fifth day.

In fact, Sri Lanka may well have gone on to achieve a series win if Kusal Perera had not perished playing a reverse sweep at a crucial passage of play during the 3rd Test played at the SSC grounds.

In contrast, the team wilted without a challenge during the recent tour where all games concluded under four days during the recent series.

• Historically, it has always been the Sri Lankan seam bowlers that have troubled the Indian batting. It was evident during the previous series in 2015 that the Interim Administration was mindful of this weakness judging by the type of fast tracks that were prepared and the bowling combinations that were picked throughout the series.

In stark contrast the present administration was unwisely attempting to beat the Indians at their own game by preparing turning tracks.

Yet another glaring example of the lack of knowledge and focus of the current administration.

The Interim Administration of Sidath Wettimuny made several changes post Indian tour where the Head Coach exited and several changes made to the team by drafting in several new faces.

Kusal Mendis and Milinda Siriwardhena were two such worthy of mention and Sri Lanka went on to win the next series against the West Indies 2-0 in Tests, 3-0 in ODI’s and squared the T20’s 1-1. It needs to be mentioned that the West Indies team that was beaten in this manner was far more potent than the Zimbabwean and Bangladeshi teams that the Sri Lankan team lost to under the present administration. It was plain for any casual observer to notice that the administration was working to a plan. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the current administration that appears to be in shambles and total disarray drifting in stormy seas without a rudder to navigate.

The fervent hope of the cricket loving general public is that the leadership and the government heed these unambiguous signs and bring in the necessary changes provided under the Sports Law of the country. 


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