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New subject stream to the A/L syllabus


The Ministry of Education has taken measures to introduce a new subject stream to GCE A / L syllabus.

The project will be implemented as a pilot project from this October and by 2019 the project will cover the entire school year.

This stream is referred as the Professional Curriculum, which consists two parts as General Curriculum and Applied Curriculum.

General curriculum will cover nine main subjects and it is compulsory to complete this subject stream within the first six months of the academic year.

The General Curriculum subjects are as follows;

1.       First Language (Sinhala or Tamil)

2.       Applied English and Communication Skills Development

3.       Aesthetics and related skills

4.       Information and Communication Technology skills

5.       Citizenship Education and related skills

6.       Health and life skills necessary for social well-being

7.       Entrepreneurship skills

8.       Sports and other related activities

9.       Career guidance programs


The intention of this Common Curriculum stream is to assure the personality and other basic skills necessary for the practical workings of the students.

Thereafter, students will be allowed to choose one subject from the Applied Curriculum stream which will be completed during the remaining 18 months of the academic year.

Applied Curriculum subjects are as follows;

1.       Child Psychology and care

2.       Health and Social Care

3.       Physical Education ad Sports

4.       Performing Arts

5.       Event Management

6.       Arts and Crafts

7.       Interior Designing

8.       Fashion Designing

9.       Graphic Designing

10.   Art and Designing

11.   Landscaping

12.   Applied Horticultural Studies

13.   Livestock Product Studies

14.   Food Processing Studies

15.   Aquatic Resource Studies

16.   Plantation Product Studies

17.   Construction Studies

18.   Automobile Studies

19.   Electrical and Electronic Studies

20.   Textile and Apparel Studies

21.   Metal Fabrication Studies

22.   Aluminum Fabrication Studies

23.   Software Development

24.   Web Development

25.   Tourism and Hospitality

26.   Environmental Studies

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Think identify plan with purpose feel interest enthusiasm in it then select study hard expect good value in return.if necessary seek advice.

Finding out the trained teachers for these subjects will be a problem

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