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Attempted murder of Sumanthiran: Suspects granted bail

The five former militants who were arrested and remanded on the charge for attempted murder of TNA Parliamentarian M.A.Sumanthiran were released on bail by High Court Judge Ilancheliyan.

Karalasingam Kulendran, Gnnasekaralingam Rajmathan, Murugaiah Thaventhran, Velayuthapillai Wijeyakumar and Louis Marianayagam of the Kilinochchi District were arrested by the TID last January for allegedly plotting the murder of TNA MP Sumanthiran.

A bail application was filed by Attorney At Law Thilainathan Archchuna on behalf of the suspects in the High Court. While submitting the bail application the Attorney At Law Thilainathan said the suspects were integrated into society after rehabilitation.

“They had been detained for 9 months and were made suspects just because they were former militants,” he submitted. Their families and their livelihoods were badly affected badly,”the Counsel submitted.

However the State Counsel submitted that information had been received that the suspects are planning to escape to India by sea, and that he objects to the granting of bail. He also said that no evidence had been recovered from the suspects.

After hearing the submission,the Judge Ilancheliyan granted conditional bail stating that just because the suspects were former militants, they cannot be detained for ever. 

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