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JO claims Rs. 1.5 m collected on day 1

Monks on foot collecting money to pay the fine imposed on two ex-State officials. Picture by Ishara Kodikara
Monks on foot collecting money to pay the fine imposed on two ex-State officials. Picture by Ishara Kodikara

Pindapatha to pay off Weeratunga, Pelpita Court fines:

The Joint Opposition (JO) yesterday claimed to have collected close to Rs. 1.5 million in their first day of the ‘Pindapatha’ programme launched by the Buddhist monks in Colombo.

The monks engaged in the practice to collect money to pay the fine of former Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga and former Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Anusha Pelpita. JO Member and UPFA MP Gamini Lokuge speaking to the Daily News, said that over 350 Buddhist monks participated in the programme. The next programme is to be held next Sunday at Kiribathgoda.

Lokuge said they had appealed the Court order on the ‘Sil’ cloth case and that the people should help collect money to pay their total fine of Rs. 100 million as a service to these government officers. 


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As a Buddhist brought up in the best traditions of a sinhala buddhist family I am ashamed that the Maha sangha is encouraging the breaking of law and order and collecting money for two individials who had deliberately violated the code ofr conduct and ethics by the sil redi fiasco. If the upasaka ammas also contribute to this robbery no amount of sil will prevent them for being a party to a robbery of public funds being considered as a party to the robbery and no amount of sil will exonorate them from being a party to a robbery. There illeterate sill upasaka ammas, are mostly uneducated simple women who have no knowledge of either Buddhism or the general laws of the country. Thisshows how uneducated and ignorant these people are so contribute to a cause of blatant robberybof public funds where the main thief is free . Why not go on a campaigh to take the main thief into custody and put that man in jail ?Any right thinking citizen should launch a fresh case against the main thief who had admitted in public that it is he who ordered the theft.

Buddhist priests are not supposed to collect money by pindapatha. They have been used by the crafty politicians. The penalty should be paid probably by Mahinda Rakapakse or person in that government who ordered these civil servants to provide money for sil clothes.

What about the 600 million public money robbed? Who will collect this? MR or the same monks?

What a shame on these guys, what a lovely religion is Buddhism? but now becouse of the pilitical people this hs gone to dogs. where this people during the country and its poor people effected during the floods? where they've at the time of land slide? where they've at the time of LTTE killed poor people.why they are behind robbers and political ideat. shame shame and shame on Buddhism.

I have always been in awe about this rite of the Buddhist Monks going around with the alms bowl ..a rare sight today when the lay people carried food to the temple ..This stipulation for the Sangha found in the preaching of the Compassionate on was an exercise in discipline and humility for what went into the alms bowl depended on the economic status of the lay person and his saddha ..This exercise to collect money makes a mockery of this rite ..and to boast how much was collected in a day is yet again more harmful to the minds of the young and those that meditate on the down side of acquisitive behaviour for peace of mind ,,The association of the sil redhi to this act does not make way for the seela that is needed to guide us in our daily activity to live according to the Noble Path of the Enlightened One .


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