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MTI idea2fund’s Bakamuna featured at AOD’s Design Sense

Chief Bakamuna/ CEO, Rochelle Bibile presented a design talk at AOD’s Design Sense on September 10 at the AOD International Design Campus.

Bakamuna is a mixed media lifestyle design brand powered by MTI’s idea2fund which aims to create, connect, and collaborate with businesses to add value through design.

Design Sense was a public event hosted by AOD, a design campus offering world renowned design degrees from UK's Northumbria University School of Design. The event took place on September 9 and 10 at AOD.

The open house was a weekend of Creative Intel and included a range of specially curated activities such as design talks, video screenings, workshops, mini exhibitions, design studio sessions, one-on-ones with design experts, career counselling and more.

Rochelle Bibile shared Bakamuna’s experience on conceptualizing and creating the production artwork for Theatre Junction’s contemporary musical ‘Cinderella’. She addressed the importance of visual communication design in theatre and how it can help to enhance the overall visual experience. She also spoke about taking on modern creative roles in branding and illustration through mixed media design.

“Opportunities in Sri Lanka for designers are growing significantly and it was my pleasure to be able to inspire future designers and talk about our company’s firsthand experience working with different aspects of the art and design community,” said Rochelle Bibile, Chief Bakamuna/CEO.

Bakamuna was launched in February 2017 by MTI’s idea2fund through partnership with the lead designer Rochelle Bibile.

The company is a mixed media lifestyle design brand that has since taken on many projects pertaining to different aspects of art and design.

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