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Locally produced anti-venom injections available from year end

Locally produced anti-venom injections for snake bites will be available from the end of this year. The injections for bites of five varieties of snakes will be produced in Sri Lanka, acting Director General of Health Services Dr. J. M. W. Jayasundara Bandara said.

Addressing a press conference at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday, he said that at the moment anti-venom injections for snake bites are imported to Sri Lanka from countries such as India and those injections had been produced for venom found in Indian snakes and snakes in other countries. Therefore, they are not ideal to treat patients in Sri Lanka who suffer from snake bites.

According to Dr. Bandara, locally produced anti-venom injections will be a 100 percent match for venom found in local snakes. Five injections will be produced locally for the venom of cobra, Russells’ viper, source tailed viper, hump nosed viper and common krait viper.

The venom of Sri Lankan snakes will be used to produce the injections. Sri Lanka will produce around 50 varieties of drugs required for the country by next year and save a lot of money spent on importing those drugs, he added.


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