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End this farce

I read with interest the punishing Editorial under the above caption in the Daily News which hopefully will put some sense into the criminal justice system in this country which today is taken for a ride by the high class villain.

Just the other day, a Bogeyman in a red colour BMW sports, driven at high speed over took us from the wrong side, while we were travelling leisurely to a nearby vegetarian restaurant to enjoy a few thosai for lunch. Given the cost of the vehicle which I understand is in the region of Rs 50 million, it is reasonable to assume the driver of the vehicle was some panjandrum who has suddenly accumulated wealth, which according to Kenneth Galbraith, the much celebrated economist of Harvard, is theft. Now if the flying Bogeyman is convicted for theft and sentenced to a term behind bars he suddenly discovers his pancreas has stopped producing insulin and finds himself in the comfort of a bed in the prison hospital. Now the authorities have woken up to the racket and it is now compulsory for a team of doctors to report before a convicted felon enters the hospital, whether it be the prison hospital or the Merchants Ward of the General.

The other racket is this business of those on bail approaching the courts seeking permission to travel abroad for stupendously costly, medical treatment. If this is not a scandalous joke then what is it? These villains are out on bail for committing serious crimes like murder, kidnapping for ransom and robbery of state property. Is this a ruse to enjoy wealth illegally stacked overseas? End this farce also, that cries to the high heavens for vengeance. It is a public secret that hospitals abroad in the US or EU are costly and extravagant than top class hotels.

Ephrem Fernando 


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