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NCCSL hosts seminar on Quarantine Procedures

The National Plant Quarantine Service in Sri Lanka, who are authorized to conduct quarantine procedures for approval of shipment, will conduct a seminar on Thursday September 14, 2017 from 3 pm to 5 pm at the Chamber Auditorium Colombo 10.

The seminar will give a detailed insight into the general quarantine procedures on imports and exports, phytosanitary certification for shipment, international requirements, application of quarantine treatment, evaluation and issues, how to handle disputes, which would be some of the subjects that would be discussed in detail, by the experts in this field.

Dr. Keerthi Hettiarachchi, Director, Seed Certification and Plant Protection Centre, Dept of Agriculture will speak on Regulatory mechanisms, legislation with regard to import of products, procedure and other legislations while Dr. Jayantha Senanayake –Addl. Director, National Plant Quarantine Service will talk on General introduction to the Plant Quarantine regulatory mechanism and services.

I. K. Warshamana, Deputy Director, National Plant Quarantine Service, will speak on General quarantine procedure on importing and exporting products, phyto-sanitary certification process and issues, and application of quarantine treatment.

Jayani Nimanthika, Asst Director of Agriculture, National Plant Quarantine Service’s topic would be on International requirements on exporting items, plant products, recent issues and how dispute settlements are handled. There will be a Panel Discussion with a Q & A session where the participants will be able to find out more information , issues faced and other matters on this subject.

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